September 2nd, 2010


Ho’la, The long awaited Hari Raya Menu is finally here!

This Hari Raya, The Cakery is offering  special  ‘stacks’  for $60 per order……….come closer.. yes. closer, ;)
  • I’m bulleting this whole post to make things ‘easier’ to understand.
  • Each ‘STACK’ contains ‘HALVES’ of the listed type of Brownie as shown in the poster above. So in other words each box from these stacks would consist of a combination of HALF DAT and HALF DIS and so on and so forth.
  • You can choose between Stack #1 or Stack #2.
  • These stacks make great Hari Raya gifts too , and upon request we will be able to ‘ribbon’ (using my signature two toned satin ribbons)  them together and include a limited edition The Cakery Hari Raya sticker for an extra $2.
  • Kindly note that these ‘halvies’ are only on offer for the ‘stack’ packages.

  • For those wanting WHOLE boxes of the normal range of brownies,you will still be able to pick from a choice of the following:-
  1. The Original swiss chocolate brownie
  2. The mixed nuts brownie
  3. The peanut butter blondie
  4. Candy bars brownies such as Peanut Butter Cups Brownie, Mars Brownie, Twixx Brownie and Snickers Brownie.
  5. The Maltesers Brownie will be making its first appearance as a special Hari Raya addition to the candy bar brownie menu.
  • As you can see, i’ve limited the types of brownies that could be ordered for Hari Raya.This is because:-
  1. THE Fudge brownies are tooo HIGH maintenance
  2. The WHite Chocolate  requires too much of TLC
  3. The CookieDoughs are a MONSTER to bake
  • Since its Hari Raya and i know that i’ll be getting lots of orders, i feel that i should channel  all of my LOVE to the brownies that really matters to me the most..which are the FIVE brownies that i’ve listed above ;)
  • HOWEVER. for THIS weekend SAT and SUNDAY (4th and 5th of SEPTEMBER) i will still be opening slots for the normal weekend menu. (more on this in my next post!)

How to order from the Hari Raya Menu?
Get your HARI RAYA ORDERS IN NOW by (ok, im having a Akademi Fantasia moment..)
BY Texting +6738950000 or @Sasbrownies me on twitter:

First and last name atu MESTI tu. Please ah please. haha just to make things easier around here Like i said, there’s just too many Sitis and Bibis and Nuruls in this world …so an inclusion of your lastname would be PURRRRFECT.
luv u, peas u, brownies u..
Sas and her “Visual Assistant” , Tharwana

Brownie Love.

August 30th, 2010

Mondays, you either hate it or love it. Today i’ve decided to embrace it.

A collage of my portuguese eggtarts, bananacake, redvelvets and my sample box sent in via facebook by @DhilYahya <3

another collage received from  @HalizaAB via Twitter Portuguese eggtarts & Cookie Dough Brownies :)

and this a photo of Aziz i found in my photo documents. I had him fold boxes. huhu. Don’t get me wrong, The Cakery doesn’t usually exploit kids, only the bratty ones who asks for his sisters to give him money all the time. u want $$ u fold boxes. thank you.

So anyway, as i was saying.. Sometimes, after a very stressful baking session.. this is all you need to make things better again.

keep them coming in guys.

next post will be my Hari Raya menu.



thanks guys.

ps: i forgot to add this!

little boy blowing candles on the Banana Cake .. surrounded by Red Velvets made by Kel for Sas :) sent in by @ranifa via twitter.

this one made my day. lol.

The Cakery Fan Photos :)

August 23rd, 2010

omg. i forgot my password again. hence why ive only been updating through facebook & twitter. anyhoo. sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been trying to log in for the last half an hour. I was going to post up fan photos but it’s way past my bedtime. tommorow’s another start to a long..exhausting week.

just so you know, im not too sure when’s the next baking slots will be. there’s a slight chance that i will only be baking once this week which will probably be on a Sunday.

please follow me on twitter or The Cakery page on facebook for updates (just incase i forget my password again.)

well actualy. i may still be able to post up some photos. it’s not like i’ll be dozing off soon anyway.

Seeeeee-Brownies!! sent in by Alin Anuar via Facebook.

Now, i’m pretty sure that’s a real monkey!!!! I think it answers to ‘Marcell’ sent in via twitter by @JbDizzla

Sample Box. I spy with my own eyes a cookie dough brownie, the original, mars bars, peanut butter cup, the fudge brownies, white chocolate blondie, peanut butter blondie and twixx and mixed nuts! Via Twitter by @faeyakof

that ought to do it for tonight. will be posting the rest in the coming days. thanks again for all the support you guys. i heart you all to the moon.




July 27th, 2010

It has been a while. to the point that i’ve forgotten the password for this blog. i’d firstly like to take this opportunity to APOLOGIZE for being M.I.A for so long!!! if you have been following me on twitter or facebook..i am still selling my STUFFS (lol. intentional, for comic relief.) however, due to the fact that i’m working full time now..it’s been really difficult for me to find time to manage this website..therefore i’ve just been attending to tweets and facebook messages.

On this note,I also deeply apologize to those who have texted and did not receive any replies from me. My fulltime job sometimes requires me to travel, so the messages that i don’t reply to are probably the ones i received when i’m not in the country. i know. its mostly bad organization skills from my side. i should really hire a P.A to help me with my brownies et al. But i’m slowly trying to revive my business again to what it used to be…. so please take me with a pinch of salt as i try to balance working life and brownie life..

if you do find that im not replying your text leave me a message on Facebook at ‘Syazwana Harun’ or @sasbrownies me on twitter. :) but i will try to attend to your txt messages when i can :) i promise.

now. on to other matters. I will be baking this friday. and those who have been in the loop have probably noticed that i’ve got several additions to my menu.. like portuguese eggtarts .. profiteroles..’candy bar’ brownies.. which consists of a selection of ( Mars, Snickers, Twixx, Bounty and Peanut Butter Cups..) and thanks to the ravings i received at the Foodie Bazaar last Sunday, i will also be putting up my Cookie Dough Brownie permanently on the list ..oh and I’ve also got lovely moist bananacake drenched in Butterscotch sauce.. for sale.

anyway. here are the list of items that will be on Sale this Friday. SLOTS are limited. so please be quick.

anyways, this is the list of items that i will be selling this friday 30th of JULY 2010. Pick up time is between 4-6pm. If you can, please abide by the pick-up times to ensure a time-efficient service ;)


* Orders for Portuguese Eggtarts need to be minimum of 4pcs.
*Slots limited. Will stop taking orders on Thursday.
*Please refer to FAQ page before hittin me up with a question :)

For Orders: Please text me at 8950000 or @sasbrownies on twitter for your convenience.

Sincerely sorry…all the time…with love…kisses,
Syazwana H.

Photos of some of my items i sold at the Foodie Bazaar last Sunday :-

Pics Courtesy of Geek In White & Fiqlo

Cookie Dough Brownie * New addition to The Cakery Brownie Line ;)

The ALMOST-ALWAYS sold out portuguese eggtarts.

Peanut Butter Blondie & Brownie with Nuts :)

The slightly imperfect Banana Cake with Butterscotch Sauce, u can request extra drizzling at NO cost ;) SEE HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU???

i like this photo by Feeqs. it shows of my brownie stickers. lol.

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A profiterole wknd!

December 16th, 2009

As requested, i will be selling these babies this Friday and Sunday (ONLY)!


I will also be selling the Chocolate creme filled ones. To those who are unfamiliar to profiteroles, apart from their shape..they’re basicly eclairs! huhu.

They’re going for BN$15 a dozen. You can also request a mixed box for the same price. I tried looking for photos of my chocolate profiteroles but i can’t seem find them anywhere.. i thought ive taken a photo of it before..i guess i didnt. lol.

limited slots are available so hurry!!


December 16th, 2009

Sorry for being quiet. There are currently loads of things going on here at The Cakery at the moment. Just a quick update on the cakery slots for this week. Slots will be available all weekend..and thats how it will be from now on. Brownies & Blondies all weeeekend, every weekend of the year!!!

A viagraie post coming up soon. I’ve decided to transform the blog to a brownie shop/ food blog just to keep things interesting. I’ve always wanted to have a food blog but never found the time to open up a proper one..so i tot hey, i have space here. why not use it to talk about food and lets all get fat together. haha

looking forward to see you all this wknd!!!!




December slots!

December 8th, 2009

hello brownie lovers.

I’m back in Business! Brownie & Blondie slots available Friday, Saturday and Sunday thats the 11th 12th and 13th of December to those of you who loves numbers! Txt 8950000 to book a slot now..today..or later.

Selection of Brownies

Swiss Chocolate Brownies (The Original) – $15

Peanut butter cup Brownies – $18

Mixed Nut Brownies $17

THE fudge Brownies $20


Peanutbutter Blondie $20

Hope to hear from all of you soon!



Tutup skajap.

November 27th, 2009

in the middle of a brownie make over. will be closed all week next week. bear with me please.i fromise i won’t be long..

although, those who still wish to order for the 28th and 29th of November may still do so! txt me at 8950000 – im sure u’re familiar with the drill by now. haha.



Macaron Schmacaron!

November 22nd, 2009

‘i beg to differ. the queen bitch of all things pastry are macarons. they are the absolute diva whores of the baking world.’ – Nix (in one of the comment boxes).

I can’t agree with you more Nix! which is WHY you don’t see Macofreakinrons on the menu! I did went for a Macaron-making class earlier this year..and guess what? even the GURU’s macarons came out like those LUCKY lady biscuits. Flat and ‘feetless’ that i couldn’t make out whether it needed volumizing shampoo or a wheel chair.   Not satisfied with the outcome himself, the ‘pastry guru’ ended up making a second batch..which came out ok..but by that time, i was like who gives a s#it.  I want my MONIES back. Maybe u can teach me? i won’t sell them. promise :)

I am yet to find a full proof macaron recipe. If only i knew french. All the books on macarons seem to be in french kan? Maybe ill get a french maid.

Anyway, it was another fruitful weekend. Thank you to those who ordered. Thank you for the endless support , kind words and loyalty.seriously. i heart each and everyone of you.

Next slots are for Thursday and Friday! Oh and do check out  www.twitter.com/sasbrownies tommorrow as i will be giving out free brownies & blondies (thanks @mahzu!) to those who tweet @Sasbrownies I want candy! upon me tweeting CANDY!!!!

how exciting kan?

You will LOVEEEE MOndays~ @ TheCakery



Ugly Eclairs.

November 17th, 2009

The thing about me is, I can’t seem to make anything pretty which is why i dont boviagrar with marzipan and cupcakes and oh all of the other beautiful sweet treats. I shall leave those to the experts *see link list on left hand side of page*.  I aint no cake-beautician. but what i lack in the beauty department, i compensate in flavour. I REFUSE to compromise my ingredients which is why at times, some of my items might seem ridiculously expensive..but rest-assured you are paying that much for quality. Like today’s batch of chocolate eclairs! I only used quality chocolate all the way! Like i said, none of that choki choki , koko-jelly stuff! The Butterscotch on the other hand, is made from the best brand of brown sugar that i can find out there and the cream has been freshly whipped by yours truly (with love). I may write paragraphs and paragraphs describing the quality of ingredients that i use, but i know i shouldn’t bother.. cause at the end of the day..quality really speaks for itself :)

Anyway, i woke up in a good mood today so i decided to bake eclairs. Eclairs , speaking from experience are tres temperamental morsels. Last week, i had concluded that they are the QUEEN BITCH of all pastries. Which is why, you shouldn’t bake them when you are feeling temperamental. lol. I guess it does make sense kan?  After last week’s Eclair slots i thought of not baking them any more (in my whole entire life.. )not only because they can be temperamental but also because they are  the messiest little things to make. Unlike profiteroles, eclairs have a larger surface area which requires more ganache which makes them soo much more messy. As much as i want them to look perfect, even I have never come accross ONE perfect eclair in my whole life. Less messy maybe. but a perfectly long-shaped eclair.. dipped in ganache to perfection – never! ive heard of them. but have never seen them.. for reals. So this morning, i braved  the kitchen with an open mind and said ‘screw you’ to perfection and did what i had to do..

To my surprise this time around, all of the batches came out beautifully puffed up and golden! I felt like i was Dorothy seeing Oz for the first time! lol I was over the moon! Though, i did dread the dipping-it-in-ganache part.. but i managed! haha. So i guess, Unlike the brownies, eclairs won’t be on the menu for good. i’m just going to have to make them and sell them on the days that i feel like im up for a challenge. Follow me on twitter to check out when i’m baking next!! I also have a tendency to be very generous and give away goodies for free every Monday on twitter! So add me up!

Oh and dont forget, i still have brownie slots for Thursday and Saturday! :)